District 12 Music Festival

Projectivity was contacted by NYC Underground to help throw a benefit concert for the family of a friend who had committed suicide.  With little less than 1 month to book, plan, and promote the event, we jumped at the opportunity to help put everything together.  9 bands performed, over 100 people attended the event at 5050 Skatepark and over $700 was raised for the family.  Projectivity - District 12_1

Projectivity Donates Art/Murals to Safe Horizons (posted at SafeHorizon.org)

Art Group Beautifies Prelude Domestic Violence Shelter


Projectivity Movement Hopes to Inspire Shelter Residents with Donated Artwork

At Safe Horizon, we believe that domestic violence shelters should be beautiful places that evoke hope for each and every one of the residents. We understand that going into a domestic violence shelter can be an intimidating experience, which is why each facility is designed to be warm and welcoming. One of our eight domestic violence shelters, Prelude, recently received an extra special makeover by local artist collective called Projectivity Movement.


One of the Beautiful Murals Projectivity Movement Painted for Prelude

The idea for collaborating with an external group to make Prelude look more welcoming and inviting for new and existing residents occurred during one of the shelter’s staff meetings. “One suggestion was putting up some pictures,” Program Assistant at Prelude Alma R. Zeno explains. “So I contacted a local arts organization who connected us to graffiti artist Chris Reinsch and Projectivity Movement.” Chris is the founder of Projectivity Movement; a volunteer collective of musicians, artists, teachers, business owners, and other community members who come together to create art and sponsor various non-profit endeavors in and around New York City.

“Projectivity artists like to do their best to promote and inspire positive messages through their music or art. When Alma and the staff from Prelude reached out to us looking for art to decorate the domestic violence shelter, many of our artists were interested,” Chris Reinsch said.


Projectivity Movement Artwork that Adorns our Prelude Domestic Violence Shelter

Prelude House is an emergency shelter for domestic violence survivors. Over thirty women and their children reside in the shelter at any one time and receive services including assistance with transitioning into permanent housing, medical needs, court advocacy, training and education, individual and group counseling, and childcare.

Chris and Projectivity Movement donated 17 pieces of artwork, including vibrantly colored paintings and murals. With the help of Projectivity Movement, Prelude will give domestic violence survivors fresh perspective and maybe even encourage a greater sense of self-expression through art.

Colorblind Mural at Port Richmond HS

Projectivity was recently awarded a grant from the New York Citizen’s Committee for a mural project designed by artist Kwue Molly.  The theme was diversity, and it was our goal to get the community involved with helping paint the mural.  Kwue developed the concept of having each student or resident paint a flag that is represented in the Port Richmond area of Staten Island.  The flags filled in the word “ColorBlind”, sending  a universal message that “We Are One”.  Many thanks to Kwue Molly for really helping some of the kids get involved when most of them were nervous at the start.  See the photos below.

Projectivity Students Live at SI Arts’ “Aspiring Youth Festival”

Staten Island Arts has some amazing programming going on at their gallery/office site, the Culture Lounge, located inside the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.  They recently hosted a mini festival featuring performances from teenagers in the fields of music, dance, and poetry.  SI Arts reached out to Projectivity to see if any of the participants from our youth programs would like to perform, we put the call out and 3 of our talented young musicians came out and rocked the crowd.  Watch the video here.

Projectivity Presents FREE PAINT at Hub17

April 18th was a great way to kick off the Spring season on Wave St.  Staten Island music and art scene was out in full effect.  Projectivity invited 7 artists to come paint live in the Hub17 gallery.  Early in the day, 8 different artists had been painting the entire block, creating the “Heart of the Art District”.  Below is a recap of the night put together by the good people at @ArtCartel.  Make sure to follow them and subscribe to see some great visuals.  5050 Skatepark and Cloudkicker was kind enough to donate some really great to giveaway to audience.  All around great time, passion and inspiration everywhere.


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